Dark Justice is a critically acclaimed comedic web series that takes on racism and policing in America with absurdist humor and biting satire.


Dark Justice tells the story of Amir Johnson, the first black police officer in a small town department.

Season 2 continues to follow the first black cop in a small town, Amir Johnson (Che Holloway), and his overtly racist partner Stanton (Tim O’Connor). Johnson and Stanton are an unlikely "buddy cop" duo in a post-Ferguson world where nobody trusts the police, and the police themselves are forced to reckon with their negative image to no avail. Throughout the season, they mistake cell phones for guns, navigate the blue wall of silence, and fail miserably at community engagement, all the while mishandling everyone from social justice warriors to their own Union representatives.


Dark Justice is the first series by creator Mike Gerbino and Producers Elisa Peebles & Travis Cannan. Season 2 was filmed in October, 2016 in Rochester, NY and began its regular online release on February 28th, 2017. The 2nd season was premiered in its entirety road-show style in Brooklyn, Rochester and Buffalo to audiences in the days prior to the online release.

Season 1 was released on January 11th, 2016.

Dark Justice is independently produced series currently seeking distribution and on-going financial backing.

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